Updated 22 October, 2009
Release date: Now!

1/6 Scale US Army Combat Boots - Black #ACI-714

Aviation Model 1/144 Scale WWII German Fight Squadron
Kit Set
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1/6 Scale Military Sweater

1/6 Scale US Army Combat Boots - Tan

Modern Heroes Vol.3
1/6 Scale Headsculpts

PIONEER - 1/6 Sun Yat-sen

Museum 1/6 Scale - COMING SOON!!!

1/6 Scale US Army Combat Boots Eagle

Aviation Model 1/144 Scale WWII German Fight Squadron
Release Date: Early June

Men In Suit 1/6 Scale Action Figure 03                                                         

New Release  Men In Suit 1/6 Scale Action Figure 02

Snapshots of ToysFestival Hong Kong 2006
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. ACI Secret 12" figure accessories set - Hong Kong Toys Festival Exclusive  (Limited 100pcs.)

Updated 11 April, 2006
ACI  Looking to meet you at Hong Kong Toys Festival 2006,  16th April
We are going to attend the exhibition and sales of Hong Kong Toys Festival 2006 this sunday! We will have sales counter and also exhibition area of our products: Modern HeroesMetal Troops Creation, ACI "Romance of Three Kingdoms". All of them will be showing up and for sales. Many of them are of Special Festival Prices! And we will have limited Exclusive items for sales there.
Item 1:
ACI Modern Heroes Vol.1 - 1/6 scale action figure heads collectioon •þˆöƒžÏÈ¡ãlÊÛ, Limited to: 100 boxes
Item 2:
ACI Secret 12" figure accessories set(except body) - Hong Kong Toys Festival Exclusive  (Limited 100pcs.)
Item 3:
ACI 54mm Painted Metal Figures "ACI Èý‡øÖ¾ - µÚÒ»ÕÂ:¨¹S½¨ªÖ®�y" "ACI Romance of Three Kingdoms"

#1 ¨ºPÓð
#2 �ˆïw
¸ßÙ|Á¿Í¨º³ÉÆ¡¤½ðŒÙ¡ÀøÈË, 50pcs. each all over the world.
•þˆöƒžÏÈ¡ãlÊÛ , ÏÞÊÛ 10 pcs.        
. .

"Best of the 1/144 Tiger 1" ever been released!
Congradulations! The best 1/144 Military Magazine "£¡À£¯£¡À£´£´ £Í£¨¦£¨¬£¨¦£ô£¨¢£¨¦£¨°£å £Í£ï£ä£å£¨¬£å" in Japan, has chosen the Tiger 1 #213 (Early) Albert Kerscher tank (MT6112) of Metal Troops Creation be the best of the Tiger 1 in 1/144 scale ever been released in the market! Their quality in different aspects is the best among those major and famous brands as reported.
. .
And you could probably find why MT6112 won the battle! Check here.

Metal Troops in Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair 2006 at 13 Jan 2006
News on 26th December
Our company director and founder, Bryan, has just been interviewed by DJ. Roland Leung Áº ÞÈ ‚� ¡¢ Ôø Êç ƒx in their very popular show "King of the King" (Èf Íõ Ö® Íõ) of "Radio 2" of RTHK (Ïã ¸Û ëŠ Ì¡§ µÚ¶þÌ¡§), on 26th Dec.. Here's the link of interview if you can listen to Cantonese: 

News on 12th December
Yesterday 11th December, we have attended the "Hong Kong Toys Festival 2005". It's a quite successful event both for ACI and also the festival itself. Both the visitors and our colleagues were very happy at the date. Bryan, the director of ACI have been interviewed by a TV network from Mainland China and a local newspaper "Hong Kong Economic Times Daily" (Ïã¸Û½›�¨²ÈÕˆ¨®) about our products, etc. during the festival. We wish our products would be recieving much attention and applauses from the market.

News on 5th August

Today is the official launch of the new brand "Romance of Three Kingdoms".  Creative Director of this series "Jib" has been working for this project for almost 3 years of time. They have only 1 target to focus on - to reconstruct the Chinese heroes in tthis era for all collectors. That's all! And they have chosen 54mm, 1/32 scale painted figures to run the project. Maybe they are crazy enough because this is probably the very first series of products about the Ancient Chinese scenarios in this area all over the world.  This is brand new to all Metal/Tin soldiers collectors. And so do  the Chinese and Asian collectors. Jib always saying: " Hope our 1st series  is not the last ! ha...."  Honestly, we wholeheartedly wishing "Romance of Three Kingdoms" be very successful!
And,  ACI Toys Company Ltd.  is very glad to be their worldwide distributor. Hope we can bring another welcomed brand to the market!
Any inquries about regional distributorship and wholesales, please kindly contact us via email: wholesales@acitoys.com!

News on 25 July 2005

We are very glad that there is a new brand of miniatures coming to us very soon! We hope that it could bring miniature collectors a good news! We are also very happy to be their Worldwide Distributor. Once again, we wish wholeheartedly that they would be another successful and beloved brand like "Metal Troops Creation" we brought to you half a year ago! Hmm....... Please kindly check our site back because more informations and details will be revealed very soon.

ACI Toys Company Limited

News on Feb 2005

We are honoured to be the Official Worldwide Distributor*** of the top and talented brand of 1/144 scale finished and painted military models and tanks - METAL TROOPS CREATION. They are founded by professionals and specialists who have been producing top quality products for different famous brands in the industry for more than 15 years. Their good works contributing a lot of award-winning and popular models to the market all over the world. We are very glad that they started to produce their own brand name products and excited to share the joy and applauses with them!  Beside 1/144 tanks and planes, we are now introducing a brand new line of Metal Troops Creation - the 1/35 scale painted figure series. These 1/35 painted metal figures are all high quality with their sculpturing and painting. Wish you would like to collect them as well!

Since we have been serving the collector's market in wholesales and retails area since 1997, we wish that our limited experience could be helpful to distribute such a "COOL" brand to our customers and business partners all over the world. We hope that our work will be welcomed and please kindly give your comments and suggestions to us!
ACI Toys Limited 2005                                                                                                               
***(Except Japan)